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Reflective Heat Transfer Vinyl (Reflective HTV)

Bely’s Reflective Vinyl is perfect for imaging safety on any garment which needs high visibility such as uniforms for firefighters, traffic police, runners, and more. Apart from the basic silver color, colored films are also available and these are good for creative garment decoration as or safety purposes

  • Designed for time visibility and brilliance in the spotlight
  • Sticky PET carrier, Warm/Cool Peel after heat pressing
  • Smooth cutting and easy weeding
  • Ideal for leather, artificial leather fabric
  • Consist of very fine glass particles to reflect the light that shines on them

BELY.CA Reflective Vinyl (HTV) CONDITIONS Main

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Bely Reflective Vinyl is made of real glass beads so it reflects highly in silver and white color at night with superior wash durability. This garment is designed for garment such as leisure or work wear with high visibility in the spotlight. Or it could be used for fun party wear with creative designs

Features of BELY.CA Reflective Vinyl

  • Super elastic and thin material
  • Made of High intensity reflective beads
  • Suitable for Leisure and activity clothing
  • Easy to cut and weed
  • Easy Layering with other Vinyl
  • Sticky liner

Storage Conditions

  • Temperature: less than 25C(± 5C)
  • Relative Humidity: 50% (±15C)
  • Keep out of direct sunlight

Washing Conditions 

  • Mode: Standard washing
  • Wash inside out
  • Can be tumble dried on a low setting
  • Can be household ironed inside out
  • Do not bleach


  • Standard roll size​: Width: 500 mm​ x Length

 Suitable for Cotton, Polyester, Spandex, mixtures of Polyester/Cotton, Acrylic & similar textiles.  Not suitable for Nylon or coated fabrics.​​ 


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